Namaste, I’m The VO Yogi!

Hi, I’m David Whitman the VO Yogi and this is my glowing introduction! It’s great to meet you.

I am new to the world of Voice Over but not talking for a living. I was a commercial radio DJ for over a decade and that’s where I discovered my signature sound or should I say it discovered me-a poised and healing voice that connects with audiences on a personal level.

Think of me as your average, ordinary Joe. On second thought let’s change that to “extra-ordinary” Joe.

Yeah, that’s better!

My Commercial Demo

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  • "David Whitman - Commercial" from Commercial Demo by David Whitman. Released: 2022. Track 1. Genre: Vocal.

My Narration Demo

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  • "David Whitman - Narration" from Narration Demo by David Whitman. Released: 2022. Track 1. Genre: Vocal.

My Political Demo

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  • "DAVID WHITMAN POLITICAL MIX 11.13.22 48000 1".

The Aura of the Aural

You’re reading this because you’d like to know a little something about me and I’m supposed to “sell” myself. But what is there to sell? And why? I mean would you really know me if I solely told you how great I am?

No, of course not.

The irony is though I love selling you, your brand, well not sell but more precisely “tell your brand”, “tell your story” in an organic and genuine just talkin’ with a real guy behind the mic. So my decades of radio work and training with expert coaches, directors and producers have led me to become an expert in…sounding like a regular, yet extra-ordinary Joe.

I think you can see what you get working with me: someone who brings keeps it real at the mic.

I spent a decade each in both commercial radio and freelance writing, and as a result my voiceovers convey both a story-telling and conversational tone, so you feel like I’m talking only to you.


The friendly next door neighbour, best friend, helpful stranger...I've mastered the art of natural delivery that makes listeners feel they're an audience of one.

An Energetic Force

When your message needs an energy boost, my radio voice kicks in to bring the excitement you need to grab ears and attention alike.


My voiceover has a therapeutic quality that grounds listeners in the moment and brings them along for the audio adventure.


My decade of commercial radio experience has imbued my delivery with an easy-listening melody that listeners love.

Hear My Unique Sound

My trained radio voice makes me the perfect performer for your music and entertainment narration, or commercials where you need to bring an authentic touch!

David Whitman's Commercial Voiceover Demo

From radio host to yoga instructor – my past work has always focused on connecting with large groups of people on an individual level.

My confident and intuitive approach to commercials has been harnessed from decades of commercial radio and freelance writing, giving me an expansive insight into how I can deliver every message…especially YOUR message…to meaningfully connect with the audience on a personal level.
Listen To My Demo
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  • "David Whitman - Commercial" from Commercial Demo by David Whitman. Released: 2022. Track 1. Genre: Vocal.
Listen To My Demo
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  • "David Whitman - Narration" from Narration Demo by David Whitman. Released: 2022. Track 1. Genre: Vocal.

David Whitman's Narration Voiceover Demo

With my acting background and deep imagination, I always ready to immerse myself in your subject and bring your listeners along for the ride.

I’ve been playing the relatable narrator ever since the heyday of college radio, guiding my listeners through America’s eclectic music history. I invite you to listen to my narration demo and see if I’m the right fit for your next audio adventure.

David Whitman's Political Voiceover Demo

In today’s fast-paced and fractured political landscape, it’s more important than ever to have a voice that can cut through the noise and deliver a powerful message.

Whether it’s advocating for change, rallying support for a cause, or inspiring action; I am the voice that connects with the average American citizen who is simply looking for someone to stand up for their rights on the political stage.

Listen To My Demo
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  • "DAVID WHITMAN POLITICAL MIX 11.13.22 48000 1".

The VO Yogi's Studio Set-Up

You know what’s good about working with yogis? They’re flexible.

My home studio set-up gives you the quality of a professional studio without the extra fees and delays that booking a recording studio comes with.

That’s the irony of working with The VO Yogi, I never put my clients in an awkward position!

Rode NT1 Microphone

The Rode NT1 Mic is regarded as one of the best commercially available microphones. Just listen to my demos and hear the quality for yourself!

Soundproof & Reflection Free

My home studio has been professionally treated so there's no noise pollution, from outside or inside the booth. You only get the sounds that you pay for.

Round The Clock Recording

Because it's my home studio, there's no waiting or closing times. My studio is open to record your project at any moment, so last minute edits are no trouble.

Studio Fee All Included

My studio fees are all included in my quote, keeping your project's budget down as there's no additional costs for hiring a studio.

The VO Yogi Journey

Step in to my day-to-day and read about my thoughts, clients, work and life across the spectrum of voiceover and beyond!

So...Why Choose Me?

My outlook on life is that as long as you have the ability, then you should keep learning, keep growing and keep experiencing new things.

So with all those experiences in mind, the question you need to know is, who am I? That question has baffled even the greatest minds, so I’m in good company to be equally baffled myself.

I am David Whitman. I am a Pennsylvania-based voice actor and narrator.  I hold a B.A. in Speech Communication from Edinboro University. I began my working life in college radio, moved on to commercial radio, before switching mediums to freelance writing.
When I should have zigged, I zagged! I caught the acting bug and began performing in New York for commercial and character work. Before I knew it that led to a comprehensive 14-month voiceover program with the renowned VO Dojo.

And of course, to combat the time sitting in the studio, I built up over 200 hours of Yoga training and teaching, to keep my body as sharp as my mind.

And what does that life of experience add up to? Well, The VO Yogi of course. An eccentric mix of interests, hobbies and lifelong dreams all cemented into one individual. You should work with me because I love to learn, yearn to adapt, and embrace everything you can throw at me with complete and utter fascination. I bring decades of experience, niche knowledge and enthusiasm with me wherever I go and can’t wait to add your next project into my life journey.

Message The VO Yogi

As a yoga instructor, I’m very used to bending over backwards for my clients. If you need to hire a voiceover artist who will bring that a positive energy to your next commercial, character or narrative project, then don’t hesistate to get in touch with me using the details below.